1277 Freedom Way Hubert, NC 28539

      New Rivers Ministries 

"Things Happens @ the RIVER"  

About Pastor Lisa Claiborne

Pastor Lisa Claiborne, most known as Pastor Lisa is the founder of New Rivers Ministries located at 1277 Freedom Way, Hubert, NC. She is the beloved daughter of Joan and Jason Blake. She was born and raised in North Philadelphia. The Lord called Pastor Lisa at the age of eight and she give her life to God at the age of twelve, she went on to graduate from William Penn High were she started her career in nursing. To furthering her education in nursing, she went to college in Oceanside, California. During her time in California, that God showed Pastor Lisa her calling by having an outer body experience. God allow her to travel in the spirit realm and show her the future. She was eventually licensed as a Missionary in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) denomination, but God gave her a bigger assignment a denominational license could not obtain. Pastor Lisa walks diligently and gracefully in her prophetic office as a Prophetess. God trusts her with the spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing hands, a willing worker, and discernment. The Lord has used Pastor Lisa to heal deaf ears, set people free from cancer and HIV, and casting out demons. She can be seen doing many things in the church as well, such as cleaning, event planning, financial counseling, spiritual counseling, songwriting, and leading praise and worship. Pastor Lisa is loved by so many in the church, community, family, and throughout the world. She is small in stature, but not to be underestimated. 
Pastor Lisa is reverence, respected, and saluted as a Pastor and Prophetess in the Lord’s Church. She bears a personal affection for the things of God. She is a pillar of excellence in ministry and in the community. Due to her continuous for God and His people, God put the vision of New Rivers Ministries in her spirit, her heart and now in her hand. She operates freely in the Holy Ghost to rightly speak what the Lord has given unto her. New Rivers Ministries, is a church in Hubert NC for God’s people to be revived, restored and renewed. Pastor Lisa gifts are not limited to the walls of the church, she is a thriving business woman of over 19 years who owns Phase Two Beauty Salon and Beauty Supply, Co-Proprietor of Jacksonville Fashion Week, and has spoken life into many business owners in Jacksonville and beyond. Pastor Lisa is married to her Boaz, partner in ministry & business, and best friend Prophet Michael Claiborne. She is a loving mother of Miss Christina Withers James and Master Vaughn L Withers and the grandmother of Jayla , Jayla II, Gabriel, Jayden.